Less than 10 days have passed since the end of the 12th World Championships in Aerobic Gymnastics – Sofia 2012. Just before it the Aerobic Union Bulgaria has also hosted the 5th World Age Group Competition.
Both of the events went on extremely successful not only for the organizers, but also for all the participants and the Aerobic Gymnastics itself.
There were more than 320 athletes taking part in the 12th World Championships representing 37 Nations from all continents and more than 380 athletes taking part in the 5th World Age Group Competition representing 35 Nations from all over the World.

In total, Sofia welcomed more than 1 000 participants from 42 countries which is a record so far for our discipline.
As a local organizing committee, Aerobic Union Bulgaria was honored and happy to have present here during the events Prof.Bruno Grandi – President of FIG; Mrs.Slava Corn – Vice-president of FIG; Mr.Michel Leglise – Vice-president of FIG; Mr.John Atkinson – Honorary member of FIG and Mr.Andre Gueisbuhler – General Secretary of FIG.
In addition to that Aerobic Union Bulgaria is thankful to all participating federations for the wonderful performances of their athletes, for the support and help for the success of the events!!!

The Finals of both competitions were broadcasted live by the Bulgarian National TV but in addition to that the events were also broadcasted in 26 countries around the World!!!
For the 5th World Age Group Competitions the medals were distributed among 8 Nations – Bulgaria, People’s Republic of China, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Romania and Russia.
For the 12th World Championships, including the 2 new disciplines – Aerobic Step and Aerobic Dance the medals were also distributed among 8 Nations – Austria, People’s Republic of China, France, Spain, Korea, Mongolia, Romania and Russia.

In the Team Ranking for the World Championships the top winning Nations are:

-          Gold medals for Romania
–          Silver medals for France
–          Bronze medals for People’s Republic of China

Aerobic Union Bulgaria presented also 2 traditional, special awards prepared by the newspaper “All for the women”:

-          For the 5th World Age Group Competition the award was “Olympic Hope” and was won by Ana-Maria Stoilova from Bulgaria.
–          For the 12th World Championships the award was “Miss World Championship – Sofia 2012” and was won by Maria Bianca Becze from Romania.

The Organizing Committee prepared and run a special Gala just before the closing ceremony of the 12th World Championships. In the Gala the audience and participants were able to see the world famous Valia Balkanska – a Bulgarian folk-music singer; a performance by the dance group of Neshka Robeva – one of the most successful Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics coaches; the amazing “Can-can” dance by the French National Team; the “Fantastic China” show by the National team of People’s Republic of China and some more performances.

After the event, Aerobic Union Bulgaria received a big number of thankful e-mails and letters and we’re very touched and honored for all positive comments and assessments.

Once again, THANK YOU ALL!!!

Bistra Valkova
General Secretary
Aerobic Union Bulgaria

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